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Our Policies

All students interested in learning about art and making art are welcome to sign up for classes. It is expected that students will come with a range of interests and skills. Curriculum is planned to allow new students and experienced students to learn and praactice skills at their own level.

Pay fees when registering for class. Refunds must be requested, in writing, at least one week before first day of class. Classes that do not fill up will be cancelled and any fees paid will be fully refunded. Fees are not transferable to other classes or to other students.

Drop off and Pick up:
Please do not drop your student off early for class. They may interrupt a class in session or the instructor may be busy preparing for your students class.  Arrival 3-5 minutes before class begins provides plenty of time for students to hang up coats and take their seat. Please notify instructor if someone other than a parent will be picking up the student at the end of class.

Late pick up fee:
A fee of $5.00 for each 5 minutes will be charged to families who are late to pick up their child.

Students and their work may be photographed for promotional purposes such as posters, newspaper articles and advertisements. Photos of children and their art work may be posted on our web page. If you do not want your child to be photographed, please write a note on the registration form and speak to the class instructor.

A note about clothing:
Students will be engaged in messy activities that may involve materials that could stain or otherwise damage clothing. A paint shirt will provide some protection but is not fail-proof!! Please dress your child in old play clothing. The studio will not assume liability for clothing damaged during art class.

A note about behavior and safety:
We use a variety of art media and tools in each class. Students are expected to be responsible, to use materials as directed, and to follow safety procedures. Scissors, wire, staplers, hammers, etc. may be used with all age groups. Please consider your child’s level of self-discipline and ability to follow directions when considering these classes. Instructors reserve the right to remove any child who engages in disruptive or unsafe behavior. Class fees will not be refunded.

Parents in the studio:
Parents are welcome to drop off their child or to stay in our waiting area. BUT, we respectfully ask that you do not disturb your child while they are working in the studio. Please try to wait until the end of class to speak to your child about their work!

Children not enrolled in class:
Please do not bring children into the studio who are not enrolled in class. They can be a distraction for children who are enrolled in class.

Student Art

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Special Projects
  • Mixed Media