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Home School Students

Updated Sept 9, 2019


All supplies are included in our classes. We offer a art studio environment and encourage studio practices such as sketching ideas and experimenting with media.  Please read more about our teaching philosophy by clicking on "studio" near the top of our homepage.

Homeschool students are also welcome in any of our other classes! 

Classes can also be planned for a group of 6 or more to coordinate with an area of study or a specific project. Pick your day, time, and number of weeks. 

  • Home School Students, Clay Workshop: Grades 1-6

  • Home School Students, Exploration in Clay: Grades 1-6

  • Home School students: Art Experience

  • Home School Students Explore Drawing: Grades 2-6

  • Home School Students, Open Studio: Grades 1-12

  • Write and illustrate a book: Grades 1-6

TEENS looking for something else? Go to Art Party Projects for details about other possibilities.

Private Lessons are available for teens who want to learn to use new media or practice and develop current skills. Please call for details.

Common Content for all Art Classes:

The focus of our art classes is to engage students in studio art practices. In addition to learning about the tools and materials that artists use, students will also gain experience in imagining their own ideas and making them into art. 

Students will engage in a  number Studio Artists activities when creating art work. Learning about new techniques, materials, or subject matter often requires some research. Artists may use sketches or small models to help organize their thoughts and try out ideas. Artists also spend time in their studio practicing new ways to use materials and tools in preparation for creating a new work of art.  

Opportunity to explore and practice using tools and materials is an important part of the studio art process. Students are encouraged to think about and make creative decisions about their work. Students work at their own pace and the number of projects completed by each student will vary. Projects that may not seem successsful by adult standards can never-the- less provide important learning opportunities for students.

For more information about Daydreamers' philosophy about art education, please click "The Art Studio".

Student Art

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Special Projects
  • Mixed Media