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updated March 2, 2020

It is time for me to retire. Daydreamers will close April 28, 2020. ALL passes and gift certificates must be used by April 28, 2020.  Check back for updates on possible new owner and a reopening date. 

All classes (with enough students) will run through April 28, 2020.



Our Philosophy:

All children have creative potential. Any child who has an interest in making art is welcome at the studio regardless of their talent or skill. Not all of our students will grow up to be famous artists, but they all do have the potential to learn about art and to make art that is meaningful to them. A famous Italian educator, L. Malaguzzi, says that children have a hundred languages. At this studio, we recognize art as one of the many languages of children.

We believe that Art education involves the "whole child" and engages them in developing cognitive, emotional, social, and physical skills. Our art activities engage not just the creative part of the child's brain, but also engages the child in a cognitive process that involves reasoning, imagining, exploring, experimenting, and problem solving while they create their art work. Classes are designed to meet the individual needs of students while challenging them to try new ideas and improve their skills.

The number of projects completed may vary as students are encouraged to work at their own pace, to take time to think about what they are doing, and to experiment and explore with art media. Projects that may not seem successful by adult standards can never-the-less provide important learning opportunities for students. No studio artist creates a masterpiece the first time or without some practice and experimentation with ideas and art media!

Program Goals:

  • • Encourage all children to explore their artistic abilities.
  • • Encourage all children to develop basic skills related to visual art.
  • • Provide an environment that supports and challenges children as they develop their creative abilities.
  • • Provide curriculum that supports creating projects that are meaningful to the child. 

Our goal is to help children develop good studio art habits. Artists not only think of creative ideas, but have to know how to research, plan, sketch, explore media, and experiment in ways that help them turn creative ideas into a finished work of art. 

The Studio:

Daydreamers Art Studio is located in a renovated space in downtown Salem, Ohio. The hardwood floors and tin ceilings are original to the building and provide a pleasant space to spend time making art. The studio is designed to meet the needs of young artists. We have planned for the physical comfort of various ages with adjustable tables, various sized seating, and an easily accessible clean up sink for even the smallest artist. Students have access to paint, pastels, clay, various papers, wire, feathers, beads, and numerous other art supplies necessary to completing their art work.


Student Art

  • Painting2
  • Sculpture