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Silk Scarf Painting

call to schedule this class for group of 6 or more
Sales price $30.00

email or call studio to specify afternoon or evening class! or 330.332.1760

(Please call studio to confirm space available before making online payments. 330.332.1760) 

This class is limited to 6!
Teens 16+ can also take this class.

For those who don't wear scarves. Here are just a few ideas for ways to use you scarf:use your scarf to accessorize your purse, or wear it as a head wrap. For those of you who sew, the silk scarf can also be used as custom fabric to make unique projects. (Use a patches for quilts, pillows, decorative panels on the back of a jean jacket, etc.

This is an introductory class about painting on silk. Students will watch a brief demo and will have time to experiment with colors and techniques on a small silk practice square. The final project is a long silk scarf, 11"x60". Basic techniques include as painting wet on dry, wet on wet, salting, and alcohol. 30 colors to choose from! WEAR OLD CLOTHES!! Your silk scarf will remain in the studio overnight. The instructor will remove your scarf from the frame and rinse out the excess dye and salt the day after class.  Please make arrangements to pick up your scarf. 

Option using WAX RESIST: wax resist allows you to create a more structured design with crisp edges between colors. This process requires 2 days to complete. You would create your design and apply wax resist at least 24 hours before this class, then return on this day to add the color. Please call the studio to make arrangements to come in before this class to apply wax resist as dates/times are limited. The cost for this option is $40

Private Art Party Options:

In addition to silk painting, we also offer Japanese Shibori dye techniques. Traditionally indigo dye is used for this technique, but other options can be selected when you book a party.

These techniques can be used with larger scarves. A larger scarf or shawl are available for an additional fee.   Large silk scarf, add $5. Silk shawl (rectangular shape), add $10. Make sure to let me know if you want the larger items so they can be ordered.


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