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Adult Open Studio - day and time varies

Class Times: Tues 10:00-12:00; Weds. 5:30-7:30
Winter session begins Feb 28, 2018
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See below for details, dates, times, fees for ART EXPERIENCES.

First hour with instruction - $16. Studio time without instruction-6$ per hour or 8 hour pass for $40. Additional fees apply, depending on student choices, see below.
online registration and payment is not available for this class. Advance registration required. We cannot accommodate walk-ins.    

Open Studio is an opportunity to come into the studio to work independently on art work. We are currently set up for Clay, Acrylic Painting, Collage, Mixed Media, and Mosaic. There is no instruction during open studio. Students need to have taken at least one adult class at the studio, or demonstrate basic knowledge of the media they are working with, to be eligible for open studio. Students are expected to bring their own supplies and materials. Clay students will purchase supplies through the studio. If you would like to work in a media not currently offered, please contact the studio. Set up and clean up are student responsibility and are included in the students' hour of time. Please plan accordingly. Students will be oriented to studio policies during their first class. 

Scheduling your hour:  We cannot accommodate walk-ins. Call the studio to schedule your day and the time you plan to begin. Open Studio for adults is available limited days and hours which may change depending on demand. students can schedule their hour anytime within the scheduled time. Students can schedule 1 hr, 1 1/2 hrs, or 2 hrs. Advance registration and payment required. 

Instruction. Students beginning a new project or new media should arrange for an hour of instruction (or more if needed) to get project started. One hour of instruction is $16. Instruction is not included in Open Studio hourly rates.  After instructional hour, students can work at their own pace to complete their project.  

Supplies are not included in Open Studio fees. Students are welcome to bring in there own supplies (except clay and glazes). See below for information about purchasing supplies. Some materials are not permitted in studio, see note below.

Special Classes will be offered during Open Studio based on student interest. Price for these classes will vary depending on  the project. Supplies will be included for these classes.

Clay Supply Fee:
$22 for 12 pounds of clay; $43 for 25 pounds of clay
Clay fee includes clay, glaze, bisque fire, glaze fire, and instructor work related to firing. (1 bisque + 1 glaze fire per piece. Additional fee to refire work.)

Acrylic Painting, Collage, Mixed Media Fee:
Students should bring their own supplies as the studio supplies for these project are limited. If you plan to use studio supplies, please request Acrylic/Collage/Mix Media supplies in advance. Fees include a "base" of paper, cardboard, or canvas+a limited supply of acrylic paint and mediums, specialty papers, fibers, fabric, collage items. 
$10 for Paper/cardboard/9"x12"canvas base;  $15 for 11"x14" canvas;  $17 for 16"x20" canvas

The studio does not have supplies available for adult projects so students need to bring their own supplies

Note: The following materials are not permitted in the studio: Toxic or flammable materials, Aerosol sprays, some materials used in oil painting.  If you plan to use materials or techniques that create fumes, discuss this with instructor before you sign up for class.

Student Art

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Sculpture
  • Ceramics
  • Special Projects
  • Mixed Media